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Dental IV sedation for nervous patients in Yorkshire

July 8, 2013

I can really empathise with so many of our new patients who are nervous about treatment.

On a regular basis I get told “If only I could go to sleep and have the work done” or “not a chance I’m doing that because I’m too nervous”

The issues becomes is that you can deny yourself having the care you need, which can have further knock on effects on your oral and general health.

What you may not realise is how good dental sedation is.  Whilst you are technically awake, the sedative does two things:

1. It reduces your anxiety levels.  Things just don’t bother you any more, this lets you have the smile of your dreams whilst caring for your anxiety and nerves

2. The sedative stops you forming short term memories.  What this means for you is that you can have treatment done in the surgery and even if you’re in there for hours it’ll feel like minutes!  If you want to see videos of what people think after having sedation click here

Remember that we genuinely do care and understand if you are nervous and will do our utmost to make sure you’re comfortable.  In fact, I’m a nervous patient myself!  It’s one of the reasons we offer sedation


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