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Laser Healing of Dental Implants

July 2, 2013

Our premium level dental implants come with something a little bit special.

Lasers have been used in medicine for a long time and one of the applications is accelerated healing.  Our laser is capable of accelerating the healing around your implant, what this means for you is that you are likely to experience less bruising and discomfort.  There is also evidence to suggest that as well as speeding up the healing process, the implants integrate better into the bone and may be more stable long term.

How does this actually work?  Well, there are a number of ways in which lasers can help.  First of all, lasers can promote blood flow to a specific area.  All of the nutrients required in healing are delivered via this blood flow.  Secondly, lasers are brilliant at killing bacteria.  Your mouth has a lot of bacteria naturally, and by using the laser in the area of the implant we can help promote a cleaner site when the implants are initially placed

Some studies have suggested that lasers can accelerate healing of dental implants by as much as 40% which is huge!

If you’d like to know more about dental implants, feel free to call us on 01302 325678 and arrange a free appointment with our treatment coordinator


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