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Denture problems – Everything you need to know about losing teeth

January 4, 2013

Over the years, many people lose teeth due to decay, gum disease or mechanical overload from previously lost teeth.

So what do you do when you have very few or no teeth left?  You can certainly have a set of dentures made which is very common.  What many people fail to realise is that dentures are not a replacement for teeth, they are a replacement for no teeth!

It’s very common to have problems with your dentures in one form or another, in fact 96% of people have denture problems ad the most common types are:

1. Limiting what you can eat – Dentures at best give you 6% of your chewing power. So it’s very common to have to limit your food

2. Speech problems – over 70% of denture wearers have problems with speech in one form or another

3. Loose dentures which move whilst you talk – this tends to occur around 43% of the time

4. Lack of taste in food – As dentures cover most of your palate, it’s very common for you to taste less

5. Inability to wear dentures – Around 20% of patients have their teeth removed and cannot get on with their dentures at all

So what is the solution?

Dental implants are the best way to replace teeth.  They restore complete chewing power and last an incredibly long time.  We can either lock in your dentures so that they do not move, or we can even give you a set of fixed teeth – just like having your own teeth back!

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