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Dental implants – Transforming people’s lives and giving them the power to chew and smile

November 28, 2011

Let me share a short story with you.

A while ago, a lady came in to see me as she was just fed up of continuous problems with her teeth.  She also had bad jaw joint problems and was in a lot of pain. She was restricted to what she could eat, and her life revolved around her teeth and the pain she was in

After some initial treatment to get her jaw joint comfortable, we decided between us that she would get a whole new set of teeth on dental implants. These secure, root replacements are AMAZING and have turned the life around for so many patients, and this lady is one of them!

She told me today that this is the first time for a VERY long time that she could eat her food properly.  She didn’t need denture adhesives anymore and has gone from a soft diet to going out to eat steak and chunky chips. And, she has NO jaw pain! She is a very happy lady indeed!

I just love to see how the things we do make such a massive impact on people’s lives. Let me ask you, can you imagine having to stick to a soft diet and NEVER eating steak, crunchy veg or anything like that again?

You’d be surprised as to how many people believe they have to put up with these problems. It’s just not true!  Giving people their dignity back, and the confidence to go out for dinner with friends or a loved one is happiness to the core


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