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Dental implants – Not always easy. Doncaster, South Yorkshire

November 9, 2013

Ok, I just want to chat a little about dental implants and some of the more subtle but extremely important aspects of treatment planning.

Yes, dental implants are an incredible way to replace missing teeth.  Unlike dentures, they restore function and chewing power and are not removable.  In addition, they do not require the adjacent teeth to be prepared

As good as implants are, they require incredibly careful planning, and a big part of that is quite often not planning the implant itself, rather planning what’s going on AROUND the implant

Let me explain a little more.  When your natural tooth is in place, you have a root which supports and gives a certain contour to the gum.  When your tooth is lost, this gum contour can disappear fast.  We often see patients who have had teeth missing a long time.  In addition to a missing tooth there is often poor gum cosmetics.  Sometimes it doesn’t matter, BUT if we are looking at placing an implant at the front of your mouth and you show some gum when you smile, it becomes important.

I often see people who have had implants done elsewhere and are not happy with the final result, this is often one of the reasons why

My training in the US opened my eyes to what is referred to as Facially Generated Treatment Planning.  This is an incredibly detailed examination process so we spot these issues before problems arise.

Some people decide not to correct gum contour and accept the cosmetics won’t be optimised but the whole point is you should make that decision BEFORE and not after this problem arises

This is just one of the reasons why I love dental implants, the subtle things which have a huge cosmetic impact

It’s also one of the reasons I’m using the laser surface finished implants as our premium implant system, the long term stability is proving to be absolutely mind blowing


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