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Dental Makeover for Sheffield, Leeds, and Surrounding Areas ? Fountain Dental, Cosmetic and Implant Clinic.

For many people, one cosmetic or restorative procedure may not be enough to give them the smile they really want. For these patients, the experts at Fountain Dental, Cosmetic and Implant Clinic can design a complete smile makeover, often incorporating multiple procedures. Although the complete process may take longer than just receiving one procedure, our patients report that having a beautiful, functional smile is worth the extra time of a dental makeover. Serving Leeds, Sheffield, and Doncaster, Dr. Ibrahim Hussain and the staff of the Fountain Dental, Cosmetic and Implant Clinic have the extensive experience necessary to achieve the superb results our patients expect.

The following photos show what is possible with quality dentistry:

Your Initial Visit

During the initial visit to our office, we start with a thorough examination of the patient’s teeth, checking for serious problems and evaluating the patient’s overall dental health. Dr. Ibs Hussain then holds a consultation with the patient to find out what his or her goals are for the dental makeover. We ensure that our Sheffield and Leeds area patients are well-informed and comfortable with their treatment, and that they know their options.

A smile makeover doesn’t have to be “Hollywood”, it can be completely natural looking like here:

Dental Makeover Options

Because each dental makeover is unique, the communication between patients and our staff is essential. Dr. Hussain is skilled in many different cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry procedures, and he can determine the possible courses of action to achieve the desired results. Sometimes there may be only one way to give a patient his or her ideal smile; in other cases, there may be various options available. For example, a patient may have the choice between dental implants or a dental bridge, or may choose to place porcelain veneers on some teeth and not others. Similarly, some patients may emphasize function over aesthetics, though the two are usually not mutually exclusive. Each different option for the dental makeover has its unique benefits, which our staff will explain to you in detail.

Extreme Makeover

Learn more about our Dental Makeover Solutions

Please the Fountain Dental, Cosmetic and Implant Clinic to find out more about the benefits of a dental makeover. Serving Doncaster. Leeds, Sheffield, and surrounding areas, we have helped hundreds of patients gain, or re-gain, the smile they desire.

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