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Here at the Fountain Dental, Cosmetic and Implant Clinic, we get a real buzz from helping you achieve your dream smile. You can even say we’re obsessed with seeing your confidence skyrocket because you’ve learnt to love your smile again.

We do this by genuinely listening to your goals and delivering the very best care we can to meet those goals.

As part of our service, we are thrilled to be able to offer you Invisalign® braces to straighten crooked teeth without the need for train track braces. Sound like your dreams come true? For many people it is. Keep reading to find out more about how this exciting technology can give you a stunning, straight smile.

Invisalign® has been used for years to straighten smiles all over the world. These clear, removable aligners are not only very discreet but very hygienic too! You’ll love them as you’ll be able to speak with people face to face without drawing additional attention to your smile. All your friends and family will see is your teeth get straighter over time and your confidence increase. We won’t need to see you as frequently as we would with fixed cosmetic braces so the amount of time you’ll need off work will be less too!

Dr Ibrahim Hussain has a vast amount of experience with Invisalign® and is one of only a handful of providers that are capable of using Invisalign® for complex cases due to his experience level.

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