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What you NEED to know about dental porcelain veneers

December 12, 2012

Porcelain veneers can create incredible smiles which look absolutely stunning.  They have become a ‘trend’ amongst celebrities looking to improve their smile.

Are they always the answer to the perfect smile? Absolutely not!  Veneers have a place, and when used correctly are superb.  When used incorrectly they store problems for the future, and I mean BIG problems.

It’s important you know more so you can make an informed decision about your smile

Are all veneers the same?

No.  Veneers are created differently and the overall result is dependent on the knowledge and skill of the dentist and his technician.  I foolishly thought veneers were easy to do when I first got into cosmetic dentistry and my learning curve was incredibly steep.  Fortunately, I’ve always worked alongside world class technicians so they have supported me through my journey.  My mentors and education has also massively helped me learn that it’s about what YOU want to achieve, and how I do this not only getting great results for you, but safely to keep the long term risks to a minimum.

My aim is always for you to fall in love with your smile and to deliver your care with precision and ethically

My teeth are crooked.  Veneers can give me a fast result, right?

Yes, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do!

There are always potential complications with veneers.  If veneers are placed on straight teeth, the risk of them breaking over a 5 year period is around 5%.  When veneers are used to straighten crooked teeth, the risk of them breaking over a 5 year period is 47%!! That’s way too high!!

It is my opinion that veneers should never be used to straighten crooked teeth for the reason above.  All of the best veneer dentists in the world never use veneers to straighten crooked teeth.

Veneer work is not about how many you can do, it’s about how few you can do and still get incredible results which look natural.  The lady below originally wanted 12 veneers on her top teeth, she listened to my opinion and in the end we created a beautiful result and she only needed 2 veneers in combination with other treatment.  She saved money and has kept her natural teeth by using a combination of Invisalign, whitening, a gum lift and 2 veneers

A combination of Invisalign, whitening, gum lift and veneers created this gorgeous smile

Veneers are not always the automatic answer to get world class results but do have their place!


Can you tell which are natural teeth and which are veneers?

Creating a natural smile with the minimal amount of dentistry is the goal of real cosmetic dentistry


We always listen to what you want to achieve and aim to deliver the results you dream of whilst delivering minimally invasive dentistry.  This means that not only will your smile look good, the investment is normally less and you will have fewer problems long term

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