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We chose happiness

April 4, 2013

Many of you chat to me when you come in, and some people are surprised about some of my philosophies of life.  Perhaps you just weren’t expecting any?!

One of the things I believe, is that in one way or another we chose our emotional states.  We always have a choice about how we respond to different situations put to us.  We chose how we react.

We chose our emotional states

If we chose our emotional states, we also make choices by our actions. How we respond determines our happiness


I see this philosophy penetrate all areas of life.  I see people daily who are unhappy with their smile and make conscious decisions and actions to make changes.  I see people who decide not to let the pressures of life get to them.

If we worry about the things we have no control over, we waste time.  If we focus on the things we do have control over, we can make astronomical changes in our lives and the lives of others

Just my philosophical thought for the day



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