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"The Fear"

November 26, 2011

I was thinking (never good). What is the ONLY thing preventing us from ‘doing’?  This could be doing something at home, in business, personally?

Assuming your moral compas works correctly, the only thing that stop us from doing is fear.  Think about it, why don’t we take that business risk? Fear of failure. Why don’t we ask the pretty blond for her number?  Fear of rejection.  If this fear was gone, we would do much more, right?

So, with this revelation, how can we apply this and overcome our fear?  Mindset I think is the answer.  Don’t be afraid to fail, accept the failures, just success more often than we fail.

For me, I’ve been putting on weight recently, and I’ve not done much about it.  Do I like the way I look? Of course not!  I’ve been afraid of failing.  Setting a goal and not attaining it.  That would make me a failure, right? The world looks down on failures, we see people around us who are (or have been) at the top of their game.  Sportsmen, businessmen, community leaders.

This again got me thinking, what have all of these people overcome in order to be the best they can be?  Their fear!!  World heavyweight boxing champions always have fear of losing the title.  That comes with the honour of holding the title!  If they let their fear direct them, they would never have overcome their barriers and would still be in the middle of the bell curve.  Can you imagine, Muhammed Ali, the most average boxer in the world!

So the concept is easy but the doing is difficult and it will take a lot of energy to break the momentum of tedium.

Every time I think “should I?” I should immediately think “WHY SHOULDN’T I?!”  What would be the absolute, most horrendous thing that could happen by taking a risk?  I do the absolute best I possibly can for my patients, I study and expand my skills constantly.  I should do the same in all aspects of my life!

So tell me, do you feel “The Fear” stopping you?

Listen carefully, it will be there somewhere. Don’t be afraid of it, challenge it head on


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