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Smoulder or fizzle?

December 12, 2011

Amazon announced that the UK can expect to see the Kindle Fire early next year.  I for one am excited! I keep hearing that it’ll be iPad vs Kindle but in all honesty, I really don’t think that will be the case.  You can’t be all things to all people!!

I’m looking forward to the Kindle Fire as I have a VAST amount of books which take up a lot of space, and with my constant quest for dental knowledge I keep buying and reading text books.  Here is the thing, the Kindle Fire will use Cloud technology to store your purchases which means there will be no additional space required!!

Cloud technology is storage of your data on an off site location.  Many people are concerned about data safety, but what Cloud actually does is store FRAGMENTS of your data on numerous separate servers, and ONLY you can access all of the data.  Which means if one server is hacked, the information retrieved will be useless.

It’s for this reason that I think Kindle Fire will sizzle.  The number of books available is VAST and the battery far surpasses the iPad.  This is designed for lovers of books.  The iPad reigns supreme as the go to tablet for business and small productivity.

Now the hard part, waiting for it’s release!!


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