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Nectar of the Gods

November 21, 2011

One word.


It’s a dark rum from Trinidad and needs to be tried to really understand what I’m saying.   This is really a brilliant sipping rum.  You get an every so faint hint of vanilla, and a strong chocolate-caramel taste.  I wouldn’t recommend adding ANYTHING. No ice, no water, and definitely no coke!!

If you let it sit for a few minutes the caramel really does start to open up but what else gets you is the spice.  You get a hint of this in the nose but much more on the palate.  It’s a lovely warm sensation without a major burn. Combine this with the complexity of flavours and you really have an interesting sipping rum!

Now, it’s currently made out of Trinidad and the bottling is a little irregular.  Sometimes is superbly smooth and other times it has a bit more spice fire.  Either way it’s still one of the best rums I’ve had!

For a real treat, and if you can find it, get the discontinued Guatamalan version. Just don’t forget to tell me where you got it from!!

As a quick side note, and I’ll cover this another time, if you like this then you may also want to consider the Ron Millionaro XO.  Very similar but still has a distinctive flavour!


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